Writing A Book Review, Are You?

My World War II novel – or I should call it more accurately a fictional biography – is out in advance copies now, and I’ve asked quite a number of friends and acquaintances to read and review the book. All seem more than willing, but some half are wringing their hands over writing a review. So what’s […]

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A Really Great Review

We writers read for enjoyment, yes, but try as we might, we find ourselves sizing up the competition. At first we gain prototypes from which we learn. As we continue to grow in technique and possibly in talent, we try to fit ourselves into the panoply of writers: the famous, who make the money; the geniuses, […]

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Do You Trust Book Reviews?

  In this post, I finally came to grips with the way books are professionally reviewed – and why. It seems to me that this puts an onus on book bloggers to get things right.   Visit my website here, and my FB Fan Page here for more on ideas and events that matter to […]

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P&W’s Slant on Self-Publishing

Poets & Writers, November/December 2013 Being a writer caught between the traditional and the self-pub worlds, I’m always drawn to the what-ifs of self publishing articles and advice columns. P&W seems to be aware of this changing reality, given that an annual issue appears on that subject, so I dug in to this issue – […]

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