Rock ’n’ Roll, Minute by Minute

Testimony, by Robbie Robertson As with so many music fans, I loved The Band’s music. It harkened to history, but while doing so it had a way of being contemporary. I had thought the bandmates would have done that on purpose, but no, they weren’t that self-aware. Instead they loved old fashioned rock ’n’ roll, […]

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The Era That Transformed The World

Some two years ago, I friend challenged me on Goodreads to write a novel about the ‘sixties. Is there something to write about from that era? You bet there is. My challenge, then was to decide how to encapsulate that era of rebellion, rock’n’roll, war and massive social change into a half dozen characters’ lives. […]

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Guitar Hero Settles Down

Clapton, The Autobiography, by Eric Clapton This book wasn’t on my stack until Christmas Eve, when Bill Mattocks, blues harmonica player extraordinaire tossed it to me. End result? Having just read Keith Richards’ LIFE, reading this one was sort of like viewing seminal British blues rock through a stereoscope – certain things up front, others […]

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The Good and the Sad

A couple of days ago, I received notice from the website of the band, America, that they'd just released a new album, Back Pages, a compilation of covers of some of their favorite artists, including oldies Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, and Mark Knopfler, as well as some relative […]

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