The Memoir Of A Beloved

The death of a beloved is an amputation. ~ C. S. Lewis ~ I’m fortunate. Not many writers are in a position to have two books launched at about the same time. While things are being worked out with Omonomany Publishing for final publication of my WWII fictionalized biography, The Third Reich’s Last Eagle (some early readers wanted […]

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The Prisons of Home

A Piece of the World, by Christina Baker Kline The world of fiction is an organic, living one. That is to say, in regard to Kline’s fine book, there is a growing number of ways to write a biography. (Having written and soon to have published a similar biographic novel about one Hans Ulrich Rudel, […]

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A German Interlude

  The House By The Lake, by Ella Carey Genre blending is the new passion in writer land. We’re mixing non-fiction with fiction, memoir with fiction, fictionalized essays, and perhaps more I can’t think of at the moment. The skill in writing such blends into a cohesive whole is no small feat, and Ms. Carey has […]

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The Math of Book Sales

A couple of notes here for writers:   The most recent episode of Publisher’s Weekly gives a veritable mathematic analysis of what’s being sold in books lately, particularly print books. So – bottom line? Juvenile and YA are decreasing in sales. Mystery and suspense are selling well in print. Romance is selling in both hardback […]

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Rethinking Genre Many literary writers today are embracing genre – it's a form of competition that's inevitable for writers. Just as creative writing has become more cinematic in style in order to compete with movies, many literary writers, most of which are consideredstruggling  "mid-list" writers, are finding it necessary to encroach on the most popular of […]

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