A Jones I Never Anticipated

I think I’m an addict. No, no, not what you have in mind; not street skag and not the more commonly accepted uptown coke. Certainly not opioids, although I have a longstanding prescription for a small amount to help me deal with persistent knee and leg pain. It’s writing, I think. It’s my compulsion to write that has […]

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What’s In A Character?

I just finished reading a blog post by a writer friend, who proclaimed love for (at least) one of her characters. And that set me to thinking, as most things will do. What about those antiheroes? The characters you love to hate? The deeply flawed protagonist? Is a writer to love these, too? Long ago, […]

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The Open Door, Grammatically

I’ve been reading a new novel written by a colleague, and it’s a fine piece of writing. He knows his way around the techniques of writing but, as happens once in a while for me, the reading taught me a lesson. You see, being a writer is as much a curse as it is a blessing; […]

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